Tech Support Response Time Examples

PriorityExampleGuaranteed Response Time

CriticalYour main server is offline.
One of your network switches has failed and stopped half the company from working.
A VPN link between 2 offices is offline halting workers.
1 Hour

HighYour Internet connection is offline but users can work locally.
Your CEO's computer has stopped working.
Your main accounting software has stopped working.
2 Hours

MediumA users desktop won't turn on so they can't work.
One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one.
A user is having problems connecting to the wireless network.
4 Hours

LowPrinting is slower than normal.
A single user is unable to scan.
A user needs a program installed on their computer.
8 Hours

No PriorityPro-active maintenance of systems.
Add/ Edit / Delete User Requests.
New Computer or Software Installation.